Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Easily wound-worthy topics

Kamal's upcoming Dasavatharam is in trouble from an outfit apparently in possession of a full time lease of Vaishnavite Dharma. More here. Basically, they are seeking a ban on the film's release until the offending scenes are removed (pertaining to historic periods where sects of devout Hindus, read Vaishnavites and Saivites apparently are shown clashing).

As a Kamal fan an avid follower of Tamil movies and as a member of an uncared-for sect of society for whose feelings no organisation (religious or otherwise) has till date stood up and filed even a PIL , I wish to seek a ban on such petitions which hurt, wound and offend my feelings as a movie fan. This petitioner wants a ban on the offensive petitions by such organisations and suggests that they be commended to the care of medical professionals in consideration to their delicate feelings which are only too easily wounded and hurt at the most innocuous of circumstances. Curiously circumstances which have till now been caused exclusively by high budget movie releases alone.

Related video, in Tamil: Kamal replying to his detractors (when a bunch of people were hurt and wounded miserably in their feelings for Tamil Culture by his movie "Sandiyar")

Meanwhile, I am also praying to the presiding deity (Lord Vishnu, i think) of the aforesaid organisation to ignore my opposition to its president's petition and bless the fans like me with a well-made movie which is worth a watch.

Am seriously considering declaring support for some cause or the other (Culture is hot these days) and get into business filing PILs and petitions. Culture is a very wound-worthy feeling, dont you think?


Rams said...

I wanted to put the kamal video as a response as I was reading thru...but u already did that... these bloody buggers will raise their voice for worthless crap while they won't for worthy causes. Yes... if filing cases against such sections becomes a regular affair, then probably those idiots will shut up!

Anonymous said...

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Vijay said...

Isn't the movie releasing next week? Or is it already out yet? How did these people come to know the story etc before seeing it? Adhukkulle thiruttu VCD pottuttaangalaa?

Gokulakrishnan S said...

@VK: from the temple scenes depicted in the trailers. all humbug.