Saturday, March 08, 2008

A beautiful question

This thing of beauty,
Without being able to understand, what is this?
Without the crutch of Reason, what is this?
Why a public spectacle everytime with this?
How am I to know if this is actually so?
What will my perplexity afford to anyone?
Am I to be a baby who knows not what it wants?
Mercy please.

Isha Foundation


Am a big fan of the Simpsons series. Along with Seinfeld, it is one of the few TV shows that are actual critiques of human life and behavior.

When I read in the newspapers about religions and sects arguing, fighting and dissenting, I am reminded of Bart's quote in one of the episodes.

"The little, stupid differences are nothing next to the big, stupid similarities."


Latest being the now famous fight recently between Dikshidars and Saivaite devotees in the Chidambaram temple.

The Great Indian Dream

"My aim is to study my son and marry my daughter"

This single line summarizes the aspirations, dreams and the general tumultuous life that the Indian middle class carries on.