Monday, August 21, 2006


Had a refreshing trip down south. Visited Mumbai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai and Kozhikode recently. Loved the drive from Coimbatore to Kozhikode and back. Kerala under rains is a beauty to look at. Not good for the poor roads though. The state of the checkpost at Kerala-TN border is pathetic. For godssake, there are people waiting for hours to pay tax if only you will let them... tax administration has to go a long way in becoming citizen friendly.

IIM Kozhikode is ossum. But cannot figure out what the Govt. seeks to achieve by isolating the student community from the city and society.

Trip had an unpleasant finish when I lost my wallet. Funny part in Coimbatore when sitting in a car park in a pensive mood and a palmist in sunglasses comes up and says "Palmist sir... hand reading paarkreengala ?" I replied "Nee ennanaa solrathu... enakkae theriyuthu neram seri illai.. !" ("What is there for you to say ? I know it, I am having a bad time")

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Rams said...

:D for ur palmist anecdote