Friday, August 25, 2006

Misfired stir

How I wish the RTI would cover the committee meetings and decision making of political parties too ! They cannot be shrouded from public scrutiny and at the same time allowed to affect public lives in the way the latest OBC bill has done.
Why does the PMK and DMK get away with pushing the Govt. into non exclusion of the creamy layer. If there is a sound reason, I cannot see it.
Even though at the outset everyone agreed that the affirmative action of the GoI was misdirected, the media and the Youth for Equality(YFE) chose to harp on concepts like equality and merit in opposing the OBC bill rather than focus on the issue of beneficiaries which could have got them support from all of educated India who instead stood as on lookers viewing the protests as largely driven by self-interest.

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