Sunday, May 14, 2006


"There are no good or bad memories... only convenient ones." someone said this to us during our induction to my job. Was wondering if this applies to identities too. There are no strong or weak identities... only convenient ones. A friend of mine once said that India on account of being invaded so many times has become a boiling pot of different identities. I am sure the average number of identities per individual is the highest in this part of the world.

Does the transience of all identities indicate that the Goal should be the transcend all identities?

N.B. abstained from examples in this case since examples seem restrictive rather than explanatory.

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Vishal said...

I have been trying to live upto this for a long time. I dont want to be classified as a Punjabi, India, IITian, IIMite, Northie etc etc. I am all of it and none of it in certain ways. The idea is to synthesise and identity that is uniquely mine.