Monday, December 22, 2008

Why I unfollowed Guy Kawasaki

Recently I stepped in to the world of twitterers and their tweets. I linked to Guy hoping for some of glimpses of his opinions. Don't mistake me - I still hold 'The Art of the Start' to be the bible for anyone even THINKING of starting ANYTHING. But he really pissed me off.

Its not the inane self centered tweets ('I am late to work again' etc.) that characterises Guy's twitter persona. He mostly tweets about 'almost interesting' outside links ('Top 10 this-that') that are hard to classify in to a particular category.

Two reasons -
1) The sheer volume of tweets - like a burst of enemy machine gun fire within the space of a few seconds, crowding out tweets from everyone else. This one borders on plain bad manners.
2) His constant pitch for his latest venture, AllTop in his tweet-bursts. I checked that out once - and I am not interested.

Wonder how he has so many followers on Twitter. Guess people have lots more patience than I do.

1 comment:

Vijay said...

Simple. People ignore a lot of tweets. They simply don't care.