Monday, April 28, 2008

The Broken Compass

உடைந்தது வழி காட்டி என்று தெரிந்தும்
அடிக்கடி பார்க்கும் மனமே - இனி
மெயக்கப்பலை யார் பொறுப்பில் விட என்றறியா
மாலுமியின் கதி யார் பொறுப்பரோ !

Knowing its broken, whats the point
of looking repeatedly at our broken compass, my mind?
Now who will bear with the sailor's plight on
what to trust his vessel with?


Rams said...

nice! Is this from any tamil literature or you wrote this?

Gokulakrishnan S said...

i wrote it da... see it doesnt rhyme or anything? :)

Vijay said...

Attagasam! Amarkkalam!! Billa 2007!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gokul,
For compass, திசை காட்டி might be a apt word.. oh.. forgot it. just nitpicking :)

PS : You have a nice blog.. This is thiyagu(kamal's friend)..

Gokulakrishnan S said...

yeah... thats a better word. Thanks !