Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to name it?

When one has views that are very different from the surroundings, the misfit becomes very evident. Take for instance the case of a chap who has quit the firm but has to serve the notice period. Taking a step backwards from work (it could be a weekend break at home or a trip to Amritsar for instance), there is a moment of clarity when one realises where one's life is slowing leading to. As my friend from Kanpur would say "Arre bhai, main kounsi gali mein aa chuka hoon !". Fundamental questions about what motivated one to work in the first place start begging for answers. Definitely not money (that was a sitter, if you knew my payslip). Standing among peer-circle? Need for appreciation? 'kick' from working?

One feels awkward and there are the inevitable unpleasant situations in the initial stage, but later on there is only humor from the workplace. When colleagues try their old routine of well tested work instruments (read mental games, verbal jousts, pathetic pranks and other patented methodologies) on the person who has quit and fail to evoke the usual reaction, they are confounded by the impudence. Suddenly professional values are dusted off the shelf and quoted to bring the lost man to his senses. Meanwhile the person who has quit is in splits at the sight of the devil charging him of disregard to "values" and all copyrighted nice-to-own-up things (which are in a state of suspended animation for the still serving colleagues)

The only downside is that one cannot share the view with others so that they can also partake of the fun. It would be too crude to upset their feelings actually. (Also, it is in the firm's HR policy prohibiting one from encouraging others to quit when leaving.)

Havent mentioned the best part. The feeling of liberation and of living life on one's own terms. The feeling that limitations that held one back are only of the mind. And that everything in this world is for the taking if only because one's spirit wanted it. The belief that every wish other than those tainted with fear of failure shall be granted.

As Bharathi said
"No Fear, No Fear, There is no such thing as fear.
Even when the sky breaks and falls in pieces on your heads
Even when each and every single person on earth opposes you
Even when people look down upon and deride you
No Fear, No Fear, There is no such thing as fear"


nithya said...

hmmm... im thinking differently. no fear? But fear is what has kept humanity alive hasnt it???

Gokulakrishnan S said...

True. Fear keeps one alive. But havent even animals remained alive till now?
No fear is what has made humanity what it is today.

shivs said...

I loved the last part of your post...because there is indeed no such thing as fear....the absence of trust/faith is fear, but by itself it does not exist...