Saturday, January 14, 2006

Music & Kites

Listening to songs by ARR and Vairamuthu in a dark room with a good speaker system and letting them slowly fill inside you is an ossum high. One has barely recovered from the lyricist's subtle allusions in Tamil when the musician pushes ahead with his orchestrations. Some of the songs in my list are:
1) Kannodu kanbethellam - Jeans
2) Soukiyamaa - Sangamam
3) Mettupodu Mettupodu - Duet
4) Maargazhi thingal - Sangamam
5) Ithuthaan Kathal - Puthiya Mugam
Warning: Overdose is injurious to your sense of reality

Uttarayan and Lohri as Pongal and Bhogi are called here respectively are on. Today went to Core House to meet Handaji and see the kite flying which is traditional here. From the terrace of the seven floor building I could see a million kites in the sky. Good sun, kite flying lessons, nice jalebis.


KG said...

You should switch off everything and hear Duet's Theme Music. Highly recommended.

Your aikkiyam is akin to these lyrics.

Kadalile mazhai veezhndha pin endha thuli mazhai thuli?
Kaadhalil adhu pola naan kalandhitten kaadhali!

Gokulakrishnan S said...