Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Manjunath Incident

The Manjunath incident evoked some noises from the media. There were some protests and meetings in different parts of the country. IOCL has provided Rs. 26 lakhs to the affected family and placed his photograph on its homepage. Some CEO's have ventured articles in Business World about this issue: but these are the 'untouched' companies (like consulting) who do not face corruption issues on a daily basis. But the angst is that the industry in general has remained mute. Paying compensation is the easiest thing for a company like IOC to do in this situation. Does it seem like a PR debacle to be tackled and celebrated later ?

BPOs in Bangalore showed more character when the next day of the rape, they came together with a plan for increased security for their employees. There was a real threat to their business though hadnt they done this. But the response from the Indian industry to the Manjunath incident has been disheartening for fresh MBAs. Its not that some companies are untouched by corruption that they need not respond to this incident.

What next ? There are opinions about whistle blowers act which feel its not needed and what is needed are administrative reforms, not legislative ones.
As for the companies, could there be a realisation that ethical practices are more profitable in the long run and should be given a chance ?

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