Sunday, July 03, 2005

Role of a CEO

Mr. Narender Murkumbe, CEO, Shree Renuka Sugars gave a speech yesterday. An entrepreneur, Mr. Murkumbe made a point about how CEO's should look outside the company: 'scanning the environment' was his phrase. His story of gritty entrepreneurship deserves a biography not a blog.

In organisations of great scale, I found it difficult to imagine the chief commandant sparing time for conventions, trade fairs and confederations. But at the end of the speech, I realised that it is what successful CEOs do.

The role of a CEO in a company is not too different from that of a Captain in a ship. Huge as the task of running of a ship is, the Captain rarely looks at the day-to-day activities. While the loyal lieutenant runs everything in the ship from the engine room to the canteen, the Captain locks himself in his cabin and charts a course for navigation. The fate of the entire organisation depends upon the CEO's foresight and strategy. And in many cases, it is usually the difference between the success and failure of a company. Now I realise why the top guy in any company is paid obscene amounts. He is responsible for global stuff like 'organisational culture', 'mission' and 'vision' of the company that makes the difference between the also rans and the truly great companies.

Would carry the analogy further and liken competition to storms and stuff but that would be too corny. :)

BTW, Mr. Narender is an electronics engineer, IIMA grad and started a sugar factory in Belgaum and made it big. url:

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Fathima said...

I would rather put it this way - CEO is the one who prepares the map to find the treasure. Others may have to do different kinds of feat, hardwork to reach the treasure using the map or even to understand the map, in the first place.
So though many CEOs prepare the maps to treasures, the clarity and the way the map is presented is all that takes to create a difference to reach the treasure.