Monday, June 20, 2005

20th June 2005


Why haven't I blogged till now ?

1) To start of blogging seems to imply a commitment to page viewers; a deadline to be met and I didnt want to be caught in such a trap. Nevertheless the virtues of putting your thoughts to paper (or HTML) arent lost on me. Hence I would write only when I felt like putting my thoughts on paper or something realllllllly exciting happens (e.g. I win the lottery)

2) Some great man said, "To start writing, one should have something to be said and a good enough reason to say it".My reasons are a) To give a structure to my thoughts over time b) To develop my writing skills.

So here I go. A few days ago on a TV channel, a literary critic was blaming the TV and cinema for looting literature oftop quality writers. When I read some of my friends blogs, I say TV serials and films aren't the only ones to blame.


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